The Crippling Cost of a Bad Hire

a bad hire

Everybody makes mistakes, but hiring the wrong associate for your Dental practice can have lasting negative effects for years on end. Here are just a few ways a bad hire can impact your bottom line.  Company morale: An employee who doesn’t fit in can lower the morale and productivity of your entire practice, potentially influencing…

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How to Avoid Hiring Mistakes When Rushing to Fill an Opening

avoid mistakes

When the pressure is on, it’s tempting to hire out of desperation… Scheduling is having to push appointments back months longer than usual. Associates who are trying to take up the slack are exhausted. Paperwork has become your weekend hobby. You’re referring work you would normally do to other dentists. And when a long-time patient…

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Quick Tips for a Successful Long Distance Interview


You landed an interview with a dental practice that seems promising. Good for you! Here are some practical tips to make the experience stress-free so you can make a great impression in your interview.    Understand and define the arrangements. It is customary for the interviewing practice to pay for travel and expenses, but it…

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