Creating a LinkedIn Profile and Content Strategy to Engage the Dental Industry


What if we told you there is a network to promote your talents to more than 562 million users and that 122 million of those users credit the platform for helping them land a job interview? You would probably want in, right? LinkedIn is a specialized social media platform and, used in more than 200…

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Managing Your Dental Practice Web Presence to Attract Candidates

Web design

A dentist’s website can make a lasting impression on consumers, potential associates, and other new hires because it is often the first encounter they have with the practice. Your website, the content found within, and the maintenance of that digital presence is a reflection of the practice itself. Dental candidates searching for an opportunity to advance…

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Infographic: The Top Attributes of a Strong Leader

Top Attributes of a Strong Leader

Anyone from the professional world has undoubtedly heard the phrase, “Employees leave managers, not companies,” and the same principle applies to Dental practices. According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly 50% of all Americans have left a job at some point throughout their career as a direct result of something their boss did or did…

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How to React When a Dental Associate Chooses Not to Renew their Contract


Dental associates can be valuable assets to a booming practice. Good associates help fill the gap between patient demand and the practice owner’s availability. That is why it can be disheartening to learn that an associate is choosing not to renew their contract. The immediate impact could be thousands in lost revenue and a practice…

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What Dental Associates Should Expect of a Mentor


Dental mentorship programs are important to your future, and the future of the dental industry. Mentors provide the next generation of dental experts an opportunity to gather industry opinion, guidance, support and build confidence. An honest exchange with a professional colleague confidant also provides a trusted sounding board that can help you address career challenges…

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