Infographic: The Cost of Not Using a Dental Recruiter to Find Your Next Associate

“Nothing in life is free.” It’s an old adage, but one that still carries much merit even today, especially for dental practice owners. Being proficient at managing your practice’s daily, weekly, monthly, and annual costs is a necessary skill for any owner wishing to sustain a successful dental practice, and budgeting plays a critical role…

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Retain Your Clients By Retaining Your Employees


Suppose you have a client who deals with a specific representative within your organization on a regular basis. Then that client starts to see multiple employees being funneled through that position. Every time the client contacts you, they’re dealing with a new person. What does this say to your client about your company? Countless negative…

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Video: Associate Dentist Interview and Job Search Tips (Part 4)

Have an interview coming up soon, but not sure how to prepare? We’re here to help! We’ve put together 10 tips for new dental graduates and experienced dentists alike on how to find the best job opportunities, prepare for the interview, and land the position even when competition is high. Check out Part 4 of…

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2018 Business Reputation Management Study

The MRINetwork Reputation Management Study is the result of a survey conducted among nearly 400 candidates and nearly 200 hiring authorities across the U.S. The purpose of the study is to assess the importance of employer brand strength, social media profiles and the overall evaluation of each candidate’s personal brand, to determine how these factors…

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How Company Benefits and Incentives Can Drive Employee Engagement

employee benefits

Recruiting and retaining top talent has a lot to do with the benefits and incentives offered at your company. Today, it can be difficult to discern what it is that really attracts employees, and then what continues to motivate them once they’ve been hired. There needs to be a balance between over-the-top perks like unlimited…

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