New dentist smiling because of salary negotiations.

Salary Negotiations for Dentists

When going into salary negotiations for a new position, it’s natural to feel intimidated. Some simple preparation will help you…

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The Contract Series: Part 3 – Before You Sign

You’ve interviewed. You’ve negotiated. You’re ready to sign. Almost. There are still a few details to confirm.  The first, and…

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The Contract Series: Part 2 – Reviewing the Terms

You’ve been offered a contract. In many cases, the initial contract is a standard document with some wiggle room. Remember,…

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The Contract Series: Part 1 – Preparing For Negotiations

 You’re in discussions with an employer for a position that looks like a great fit, and it looks like you’ll…

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How to Turn Down a Job Offer Professionally

In 2020, landing a position with an independent dental practice can be a challenge, particularly in the wake of a…

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Associate Contracts: What to Look For in Your Next Contract

A manila envelope appears on your desk with your new contract. It’s all there in black and white—the terms, salary,…

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