So Your New Dental Associate Isn’t Working Out


You took your time. You analyzed the business. You performed a thorough search. And you hired a new dental associate all on your own. But despite your time and effort, a couple of months have passed, and you suspect that your new associate may not work out. While enlisting the services of a professional recruiter…

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Areas of Focus for Dentists Planning a Job Search

magnifying glass

Dental residents or students on the tail end of their curriculum may find themselves overwhelmed by the daunting task of searching for a job. After all, there are so many variables to contemplate. What practice type should I choose? How large or small do I want the practice to be? Where do I want to…

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5 Ways to Stay Engaged Under Poor Leadership

Disengaged Employee

Workers enthused about what they do for a living tend to be happier and perform their best work. Yet as several polls suggest, many Americans can’t help but feel disconnected in their occupations – a problem exacerbated by overbearing bosses, or poor leadership from the president or CEO. An estimated 85 percent of employees consider…

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4 Ways to Plan the Growth of Your Practice in the Instant Information Era

Technology Growth

Today’s practice owners face not only traditional business planning tasks when driving growth within their practice, but also the need to understand new marketing challenges and opportunities presented by technologies that were not taught in schools even five or ten years ago. Key among those business planning elements are marketing and public relations planning that…

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