Alternative Holiday Celebrations That Will Delight Your Team

holiday party

How times have changed. For some professional organizations, the big holiday party no longer has the same appeal as it did in years past. An open bar can present more legal and liability issues than fathomable. And let’s not even approach the Christmas vs. Holiday vs. Winter conundrum.  Here are a few alternatives your team…

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Playing to Win – How to Seal the Deal with a Potential New Hire


The rest of the corporate America is dealing with what dental practices have known for years: it’s tough to attract and retain top talent. Even when you find a promising candidate, you can find yourself in a fight to be the practice he or she chooses.  Here are some things you can do to be…

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Cleaning Up Your Social Media Presence for a Job Search

clean up social media

“I Can’t Believe I Said That” Many of us have grown up in a world where online identity is as much a part of adulthood as our real-life connections. If you have been active on social media, you should consider the implications.  While federal laws prohibit discriminating against a prospective employee based on information on…

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