LaVerne Stuart-Norman


Joined 2005

LaVerne Stuart-Norman

Vice President - Human Resources & Recruiter Support

It is an honor to be a part of the ETS Team. We are a thriving group who enjoys successful placement activity in the Dental, Vision, and Tech-Ops fields. When you contact ETS, your total office staffing needs can be met. We find and place top talent for our successful clients. We do this with highly intelligent and motivated individuals who work with a spirit of excellence.

After several awarding positions at ETS, my responsibilities now include Human Resources where I oversee Internal Recruiting, On-Boarding and Personnel functions. It’s a privilege to see contented team members who take pleasure in coming to work, managing their desks, overcoming obstacles, assisting others and growing their territories. Ensuring that procedures, benefits, tracking mechanisms (and so much more) are in place to promote a wholesome environment are main components of this part of my career.

Additionally, I am Recruiter Support Manager. With this, the Recruiter Support Team works adamantly to make certain our Account Executives get the project assistance they need. The diversity of my career at ETS is fabulous!

Career achievements, life experiences and a balanced attitude play an intricate part in my skill sets. After spending 14 valuable years at an Insurance Firm as Assistant to the Department Manager, traveling across the country as a Company Trainer, and Human Resources Liaison, I attained a wealth of knowledge that I apply to my current positions. Additionally, as HRM for a Rehabilitation Center, I was able to turn obstacles into opportunity. One of my most stimulating assignments is serving an array of people, desiring a hand up, as a leader in Ministry.

Because of my faith, I am dedicated and diligent about success and I look forward to building good, solid rapports, supporting our team members, and enhancing the lives of others.

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