interview clothes

Picking Out a Winning Wardrobe for Your Interview

You’ve got the resume polished, the phone interviews have been conducted, and it’s time for your first face-to-face interview. While…

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pop quiz

Pop Quiz: How to Answer Unexpected Interview Questions

Preparation is the key to any job interview. You know a potential employer is going to ask about your background,…

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Haunted by a Bad Employment Experience?

What to do if you’ve had a negative separation with a previous employer Maybe you were laid off as non-essential….

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Quick Tips for a Successful Long Distance Interview

You landed an interview with a dental practice that seems promising. Good for you! Here are some practical tips to…

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Preparing for Popular Dentist & Dental Specialist Interview Questions

Hiring managers can only learn so much through a resume. If you’ve made the cut to visit the office for…

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Interviewing for a New Associate – Personality vs Skill Set

Hiring an associate is a major commitment. You have put in the long hours and late nights to strengthen the…

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