put at ease

Interview Logistics 101: Putting a Candidate at Ease

You think you’ve found a candidate who might just be the perfect fit and you’re looking forward to a great…

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inspirational clouds

Ten Great Quotes to Inspire You to Find Your Next Superstar Associate

“Hire people who are smarter than you are—whose talents surpass yours—and give them opportunities for growth. It’s the smart thing…

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Happy New Year

New Year. New Hire?

The big ball has dropped. The champagne has popped. The calendar page has turned.  A lot of the planning for…

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Playing to Win – How to Seal the Deal with a Potential New Hire

The rest of the corporate America is dealing with what dental practices have known for years: it’s tough to attract…

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Enticing Candidates with a Lifestyle, Not Just an Opportunity

There was a time when the practice owner looking to hire a Dentist or Dental Specialist was in a pretty…

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scary waiting room

So Busy It’s Scary – Time for a New Associate?

There are a lot of good reasons to hire a new dental associate, and just as many wrong ones. Ultimately,…

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